The Michigan Association of Polygraph Examiners (MAPE) is dedicated to the professionalization of polygraph testing in the State of Michigan through education, training and research, while safeguarding the public interest. The members of MAPE, individually and collectively, work to ensure that the best practices in the field are maintained and that those with the proper credentials, training and perspective are involved in this field in Michigan. MAPE members are active in legislative and public policy initiatives in the state in order to promote the most up to-date advances in the field.

This site is intended to serve the members of MAPE, to inform the public about the field in which MAPE members are involved, and to serve all who have an interest in the field, whether for personal, professional or other reasons.


We encourage to you tour the site. The By-laws and Constitution section provides information on how MAPE is organized and administered. The Licensing, Laws & Rules section explains how polygraph examiners are certified, as well as the laws and rules that regulate their work. Our Examinations section will keep you abreast of dates for state testing, and our Calendar provides information about MAPE actvities. You can also join our organization by visiting our Join section, or sign up for our electronic newsletter in our Newsletter section!

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