The technique of polygraph examination for the detection of deception has become established as a valuable investigative aid for the exoneration of the truthful and for the detection of the deceptive. However, as with any diagnostic device or technique, the accuracy and validity of the polygraph results depend to a very great degree on the competency and integrity of the examiner.

For the purpose of advancing the polygraph technique, and with the further objective of safeguarding the public interest, which is necessarily involved in the use of the technique, there is hereby constituted the MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION OF POLYGRAPH EXAMINERS, INC., a non-profit, non-partisan corporation whose specific aims and purposes are as follows:

  • To formulate and publicize standards with respect to instrumentation, technique, examiner qualifications and ethical practices.
  • To encourage and promote research of scientific quality and practical value.
  • To provide an opportunity and a forum for exchange of information and data regarding case experiences, studies, and research.

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